We support individuals, teams and communities in transforming conflicts, improving relationships and building sustainable callaborations.


Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Facilitation of Dialogues and Strategic Planning
Conflict Couching and Consulting for Teams and Leaders
Trainings and Building Effective Communication Skills for the Future

Ilze Dzenovska, Founder and expert

Compassionately sharp professional with than 14 years of experience in conflict resolution and peacebuilding internationally and localy. Ilze supports teams and individuals in learning truth about their habits of communication and collaboration with the world and helps them to develop new ones that serve everyone’s needs and bring about greater good.

With passion prevent destructive conflicts and transform the existing ones Ilze brings knowledge of conflict anatomy, years of practice in mindful communication and emotional intelligence bridge with researchers’inquisitive mind to the table.

Ilze holds Master in Peace and Justice Studies from University of San Diego. Master in Law, degree in Political Science, is board member of Latvian Certified Mediators Council.

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